Lituo Mining Company, Chifeng Lead&Zinc Project, China

Feeding size:+15-70mm Waste rock discarding rate:40% Tailing grade:Pb0.06%,Zn0.08%,Ag5g/t Throughput:70-90t/h Recovery rate:>94% Benefits:>15,000,000¥/y

 Chifeng Lituo Mining Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is located in the silver, lead, and zinc polymetallic mining area at the southern foot of the Greater Xing'an Mountains. The ore body is full rock mineralization and the grade of the deposit is also quite low. In September 2020, Lituo Mining Company introduced the "X104 Intelligent Ore Sorting Machine" to perform photoelectric sorting of the ore in the beneficiation and crushing process to do a pre-selection and discard the waste rocks. It has made huge progress in the development and utilization of low-grade ore resources, and also prolonged the service life of the minesite, bringing good economic and social benefits to the company and the local people.