Honest is Awarded the Title of

Key:Awards  Date:2023-08-01

Recently, Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology issues the "Announcement on the List of the Fifth Batch of Professional, Expertise, Speciality, Innovatory "Rising Star" Enterprises and the Second Batch of Professional, Expertise, Speciality, Innovatory "Rising Star" Enterprises Passing the Re-checking" to end the publicity period, and Beijing Honest Technology Co., Ltd is honored the Professional, Expertise, Speciality, Innovatory "Rising Star" Tile.

Professional, Expertise, Speciality, Innovatory "Rising Star" Enterprises are outstanding firms selected by the state to encourage scientific and technological innovation and promote industrial development, which require enterprises to have innovative capabilities and unique advantages in technology, products and market. The fact that Honest is able to win this award shows that the company has been highly recognized and affirmed by the state for its outstanding performance in scientific and technological innovation, product development and market competitiveness.

1. Professional

Honest has a profound heritage and accumulation in professionalism, with an experienced and skilled R&D team. The founding team comes from the National Brain-inspired Computing Research Center of the Precision Instrumentation Department of Tsinghua University, with more than ten years of experience in the R&D and manufacturing of X-ray products, and gathers top talents in the fields of optics, precision machinery, electronics, communication, pattern recognition and mining, and builds the Intelligent Substance Recognition Laboratory, the Optoelectronic Sorting Research Centre and other professional R&D institutions.

In terms of production, academy and research, Honest establishes co-operation with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics, Wuhan University of Engineering, Henan University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities, making full use of scientific research resources, jointly carrying out scientific research, promoting scientific and technological innovation and talent training, and promoting industrial upgrading and economic development.

2. Expertise

Honest has excellent performance in refine management. Focusing on process optimization and system construction, it improves the operational efficiency and management level of the enterprise through refined management. Strictly control the product quality, from the procurement of raw materials to the production, testing, packaging, transport and other aspects of the product, a comprehensive quality control is carried out. Meanwhile, Honest pay attention to details and strive for excellence, and make all the work of the enterprise more fine, precise and efficient by continuously improving the quality of staff and management level.Management certifications obtained by the enterprise: ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, AAA enterprise credit rating certification, GB/T29490 intellectual property management system and so on.Global authority certification obtained: EU CE certification, Customs Union CU-TR certification and so on.Equipment safety certification: All sub-component machines and the intelligent sorting machine have obtained explosion-proof (CQEX) and first-class coal safety (MA) certificates; radiation safety licenses and so on.

3. Speciality

Through self-developed high-precision signal acquisition system, real-time AI recognition algorithm, ultra-high-speed blowing algorithm and other technologies, Honest has developed a series of fully-automatic intelligent sorting machines, with high recognition accuracy, fast speed and accurate blowing, which can cope with the complex and harsh working conditions of all kinds of mines. Among them, Honest 104 series of sorting machine can support the high-end function of one-to-three, and one equipment can simultaneously complete the sorting of concentrate, middle and tailings, and discharging in separate bins, integrating the collection of concentrate and dumping of waste, which can greatly reduce the investment and shorten the process flow. In addition, Honest’s self-developed algorithmic models for ore detection have achieved the first intelligent beneficiation equipment installation and operation in domestic mines in various types of mines. Honest is also the only intelligent sorting equipment supplier with industrial applications in coal, non-ferrous, black metal, non-metal and radioactive mines.At the same time, Honest engages deeply into the mining industry in which it operates, focuses on marketing and service system construction, and establishes a good brand image and market reputation by providing high-quality services and marketing strategies.

4. Innovatory

Honest has consistently excelled in innovation. Focusing on market research and demand analysis, continuous technological innovation and product development, we launch innovative and competitive products and services.Intellectual property rights: more than 10 core invention patents for intelligent sorting such as [data acquisition device, data acquisition system and method], [multi-spectrum fusion material identification system, intelligent sorting equipment and sorting method], [a dual-spectrum fusion intelligent ore sorting system invention patent], [an intelligent sorting equipment], More than 10 patents for intelligent sorting core inventions.There are more than 60 utility model patents, 30 software copyrights and several international patents related to X-ray intelligent sorting.

Identification of technical achievements:

Intelligent Mining Sorting System (Equipment) Based on Combination of Multi-spectral Fusion Material Identification and High-pressure Fluid Blowing Sorting, Zhongshi Xieke (Appraisal) No. 028, evaluating that the technology of the results as a whole has reached the international advanced level.Photoelectric Intelligent Sorting Technology, China Environmental friendly Alliance appraisal [2022] No. 001, evaluating that the results have reached the international advanced level in the field of mineral processing.

Awarded the title of national Professional, Expertise, Speciality, Innovatory Rising Star, this honour is not only the affirmation of the company's past efforts, but also the expectation of future development. In the future, Honest will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation and product research and development, and constantly improve the core competitiveness and innovation ability of the enterprise, to provide customers with high quality products and better services.In addition, Honest will actively undertake social responsibility, promote environmental friendly and sustainable development, focus on environmental protection and social contribution, and create more value for the society. In the future development, Honest will take the national Professional, Expertise, Speciality, Innovatory enterprise as the starting point, and constantly pursue excellence and innovation. We believe that with the efforts of the company and the support of the community, Honest will continue to play the role of the demonstration of the Professional, Expertise, Speciality, Innovatory Rising Star enterprise, and make a greater contribution to the promotion of industrial upgrading and technological progress.