About us

Beijing Honest Technology co., ltd is a national high-tech enterprise who is dedicated to designing X-ray related products

Its founder team is originated from Tsinghua University: the National Key Laboratory of Precision Instrument and the Brain-like Intelligence Research Center. Since its establishment in 2006, the team has independently developed a number of industrial non-destructive detecting technologies and schemes based on X-ray technologies, which are widely used in the quality testing of coal mines, food, automobiles and other industries, as well as in the classification and recovery of environmental resources, ores, etc.

Based on years of experience on X-ray technology, the company decided to develop an automatic intelligent online sorting machine in 2015. And then in early 2018 the machine was successfully applied to Hsikwang Shan Twinkling Star Co., Ltd., creating tens of millions Yuan of benefits per year for them. Nowadays, the company has developed a number of multi-configuration sorting systems for most of the ores to discard the waste rocks from the feedings and extract concentrates from the waste rocks.

The company has gathered top talents in the frontier industries of optics, precision machinery, electronics, communications, pattern recognition etc... More than a half of its core members have got master’s or PhD degrees of Tsinghua University. The core members used to work in some world-class R&D departments or institutes, such as GE, ABB, Samsung, EMC, Cadence, Tsinghua Tongfang, Chinese Academy of Science, etc.

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Core Technologies

  • XRT High Precision Sensing System

    Accurate detection and identification on internal structures based on the principle of fluoroscopy images. High protection design to avoid light pollution.

  • Real-time Intelligent Material Recognition System

    The accuracy of the algorithm reaches one ten thousandth. Adaptive learning to different sorting conditions, quick responding module

  • Automatic air jet sorting system

    40-200t/h High throughput, low consumption

Three Advantages

  • Accurate

    Based on the penetration characteristics of the ray, the system can effectively extract the internal structure characteristics of the ore to accurately distinguish and classify them, which could decrease milling costs and increase benefits.

  • Efficient

    2.Keep man workers away from bad working conditions and avoid health damages.

  • Safe

    3.The intelligent online sorting system could keep a steady running status with high production, which could improve the efficiency and capacity of processing plant.

Working principles

Developed by Beijing Honest Technology co., ltd, the XNDT-104 system is based on XRT technology, which could effectively extract the internal physical characteristics of the separated objects and classify them with the help of advanced AI algorithm. It can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Then the high pressure air jet system could separate the classified ores accordingly.
Working principles

Typical cases

Classic cases

Hubei Yihua Group, Huaguoshu Phosphate Project

Feeding grade:17% Concentrate grade:27% Tailing grade:9% Feeding particles:+10-35mm Throughput:>40t/h Recovery rate:>88% Benefits:>10,000,000¥/y

Lituo Mining Company, Chifeng Lead&Zinc Project, China

Feeding size:+15-70mm Waste rock discarding rate:40% Tailing grade:Pb0.06%,Zn0.08%,Ag5g/t Throughput:70-90t/h Recovery rate:>94% Benefits:>15,000,000¥/y

Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry - Xin'anzi Project

·Particle size:+15-50mm ·Discarding rate:88% ·Waste rock grade:Tungsten+Tin≤0.04% ·Throughput:50-70t/h ·Recovery rate:≥97%

Zijin Mining Group (Malipo Tungsten co., ltd.)

· Feed size: +15-60mm · Average grade of waste rocks: 0.03-0.04% · Average feeding grade: 0.2-0.3% · Discarding rate: 70% · Recovery rate: ≥92.5%

China Minmetals corporation (Shanxing Antimony co., ltd.)

· Feed size: -100+15mm · Discarding rate: 60-80% · Antimony grade of waste rock: <0.1% · Recovery rate: >97%